Innovation for your radio station

Audit your broadcast in real time.

Share, transcribe, analyse and segment audio content.

Cloud Logger

Store your broadcasts in the cloud and playback any audio clip effortlessly through a browser.

Cloud Logger is a tool that radio stations use to locate any segment of a radio broadcast.


Automatically upload ad sound files to search through all the stored broadcast history in the cloud. Thanks to the Fingerprint technology, you can analyse your advertising with just a few simple clicks.

All music played on your station can be audited and recorded in real time.

Speech to text

Thanks to Cloud Logger you can select any broadcasted clip and transcribe it into text automatically in many languages.


Utilizing iOT technology, Streambox allows your broadcast to be received through an actual physical radio so you can assess it in the quality your audience actually hears it.

Administer multiple stations from one account.

Automatic Updates (OTA)

Social Logger

Your listeners can locate, listen, share any segment of your broadcasts, so you can go viral!

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